A Great Theme a Bad Crowd: Met Gala 2022 Moment

A Great Theme a Bad Crowd: Met Gala 2022 Moment

Celebrities are taking all kinds of liberties this season for the Met Gala and have rightly been slayed by media heads, the average fashion influencer and pretty much the general public. If your attending a prestigious soiree then at least follow the theme. As our eyes were glued to social media and live broadcasts we went through a mind boggling experience. Lets recount who failed the Guilded Glamour theme and who is getting a pass. 



Theme: Guilded Glamour


This year’s gala, hosted by Anna Winter is a continuation of 2021’s Made in America vibes. The period is 1880s, think civil war and a divided America. Fashion was in excess at this moment and very indicative of your social standing. The US tried to emulate European royalty and the culture became very high end. The majority of people in this era were overworked, payed little and contrary to the glamorization of this era, dirt poor. The celebration of this era is solely based on the rich looks like you see in the images above.





The Met Gala is not a costume contest and although everyone looked extravagant, only a few truly understood  the assignment



Slay queen! We love a great on-theme moment and for sure her stylist understood the assignment. She is wearing a custom Cristian Serrano a puffed sleeved top and low rise puffed skirt. Her hat and hair are a mood! Her high collar is beautiful and reminiscent of the high collars in 1880s. 


Ashton Sanders

It was a dry river where the men were concerned this season (actually all seasons) but Ashton Sanders not only managed to showcase black history and slayed his outfit as well. His outfit is a recreation of the Buffalo Soldiers, the African American regime that was created during the Civil War. Kuddos to the best dressed man! the assignment. 


Emma Corrin

With her oversized plaid coat, a blunt ode to New York socialite Evander Berry Wall who had his picture taken in the exact outfit, she hit the androgynous look right on the tip. 



Bad Bunny 

Expect the unexpected from the Latin King. His Burberry ensemble is a reference to the pigeon Brest silhouette of the 1880s meshed with mens frock coat. 



Billie Eilish: 

We love a good up-cycled look and from Gucci no less. Extra points girl! With the tight bodice and inspiration from Madame Paul Poirson painting she slayed her look. We would have loved a more cohesive color scheme, like all creme colored or less green maybe!? 



This girl has been making big moves all year and she came to slay at the Met Gala. Her Moschino by Jermemhy Scott gown was a beautiful deep jewel purple, a great reference to her heritage! There was not enough accessories on the carpet for 2022 so her pearls are gorgeous addition to the outfit. The bodice is very on trend and so is the bustle! 




Blake Lively: 

It always seems like Blake continues to go for safe outfits that always follow the same style structure. We wish we could have seen a high neckline or not a fitted bodycon for the structure of Lady Liberty inspired ensemble. She is tribute to New York and that wins her some points. Her after party outfit, still in a bland cut mean’t to show off her legs, was more time period appropriate and definitely spicier when it comes to color. 


Sarah Jessica Parker: 

Christopher John Rodgers created this oversized plaid looking ensemble. It is not a favorite for The Club but the inpspiration serves major points for the actress. The dress is an homage to the first black female fashion designer in the White House, Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley. 


Emma Chamberlain

To the host making memorable memes and bringing alive an almost otherwise dead night, our hats are off to you Emma. Now dispite her status as a hilarious host, her outfit was an ode to the era yet it was very plain and playing it safe. We are quick to mention that her makeup has been trending as well. All that said a girl gets a Meh from The Club. 



Everyone loves to see a good Kardashian fail but we were honestly disappointed that America’s royalty couldn’t even get it together for this years event. Like Kylie, wtf. Hard no. Poor Kim really thought that her Marylin look was a win and Khloe wearing gold as a call back to the theme is very shallow. Even mama Jenner couldn’t get it together. Lets not bring up Kourtney. 


Now that our review is over, we’re drained and in need of a beer we can’t help but question what this lack of attention to themes means for the gala’s future. What do you think?

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