4 Life Changing Tips for Curvy Girls

4 Life Changing Tips for Curvy Girls

The fashion industry has undergone some “radical” changes in the last decade. It's hard to deny the fashion world's impact on society's views of what is beautiful and normal. Undoubtedly men and women are surrounded and shaped by the countless ads, commercials, and magazines that portray beauty standards as unrealistic.  Yes gals, I’m sure some of you have seen an ad of some gorgeous celebrity and immediately deflated at the thought of not having that body. Or maybe your fashion journey has too often ended up with you obsessed with changing yourself! For any woman with any curves you know seeing extremely thin models on billboards, is not cutting it anymore. If the internet is the vehicle, then social media is the wheel that fashion bloggers and everyday women are using to showcase their own beauty. Youtube is a huge platform for this. Just a quick peep at the comment section reveals thousands of commenters showing their support and stating it's nice to see themselves finally reflected on the big screen (so to speak). We see you guys using your voice to air your discontent with the industry's lack of inclusivity and diversity. Inclusion of plus size models or curvy girls iis one of the big shifts we’ve seen in the industry. Shoutout to the countless models de-stigmatizing the industry. Be proud of your own skin, own it. Many brands now carry so many cute clothes for the curvy girl community and we all know it's hard enough to just find an outfit let alone style it correctly! Today The Club is sharing five must try tips for curvy girls! These are life changing ladies, comment below and let us know how you’ve upped your fashion game. 

Say yes to the undergarments 

Think of undergarments like face primer or moisturizer. You would never do a full face of makeup without a solid prep system, so why not invest time in the proper bra and panties to help accentuate the top layers? Investing in spanx or some type of undergarment is essential, not only for curvy girls but every woman can benefit from shapewear. There are a variety of bras and panties for specific outfits as well. Never pair a T-shirt bra with a strapless dress or a sports bra with a fitted button down! Take some time to evaluate your closet, and invest in some great undergarments. 

Embrace the Curve 

Again, don’t hide from the curves! Many women are under the impression they need to hide their shape, but oftentimes wearing looser clothes can actually make your figure appear bigger. You don’t have to settle for a basic oversized T-shirt anymore. Be bold and style yourself in that printed skirt and leather jacket! If it feels comfortable and you aren’t drawing in your outfit, that is a step in the right direction.

Pay attention to your clothes shape 

If you're uncomfortable with flaunting all your beauty, take it slow. Look for clothes that highlight your goods while de-accentuating the areas you want to camouflage. A bust hugging shirt with accented shoulders and flair on the stomach might be what you are looking for. 

Tailor-Made is a yes

When in doubt, never skip a good tailor. Anyone working in the fashion industry will tell you, a little hem trim here and an arm cinch there works wonders. Tailoring is a relatively inexpensive way to take your wardrobe from basic to unique, because it's just for you. 

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