3 Smart Tips to Rock Your Wardrobe on a Budget

3 Smart Tips to Rock Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Clothes are an integral part of everyday life. While the Coronavirus doesn’t seem to be budging at the moment, many in-store rituals are being swapped for at home, online shopping. Although you won’t be visiting your favorite vintage shop anytime soon, we’re here to help keep your daily fashion needs fed. TSC is here to provide some tips while you peruse online.

As always, before you shop, assess your current closet situation. We are pretty adamant here at the Club about making sure our closets are as decluttered and ready for new stock as possible. Donate that old Supreme sweater you haven’t worn for months. Get rid of that tattered pair of jeans that is literally collecting dust in the back of your closet. Make room for all your new finds! 



Now with a fresh and free mind (and closet), it's time to shop!


1. Stick to the Essentials. 

No one knows your closet better than you, if you have an unlimited stock of shirts, then you definitely don’t need that vintage T you’ve been eyeing for all but 20 seconds. Instead, opt for those baby blue skinny jeans that you need. If you’re the type of person It's important to keep track of your buying habits, especially when you're bored at home and probably spending your hard earned cash online shopping. This goes for those oddball purchases as well. Limit those, besides you won’t need a pair of disco boots for a while. Now if you’ve been wanting to rock those MC hammer pants in quarantine, do it. TSC approved! 

2. Shop Smart, Not Cheap 

Although the webs have many shops that sell clothes on the cheap it's important to note, they don’t stand the test of time. Shopping sustainable, from us for example –– ehhem, ensures your getting quality clothes for your money. Ideally in store you can inspect till your heart's content! But in the URL give those clothes a once over from the photos, as possible. Even better read the reviews. It's better to buy a 30 dollar shirt worth 75 washes then a 10 dollar shirt that rips in a week. 

3. Buy Off Season 

A tried and true tip for any type of shopping but especially in clothes is to buy clothes ahead of the season! It goes against our first tip, but rules are meant to be broken. So many online stores are rushing to get rid of their out-of-season wear so you might as well stock up on the fall/summer fashion essentials. Plus so the same after spring. This would be the time to buy those disco boots that are half price. 

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