2023 Shoe Game Trends coming in H.O.T

2023 Shoe Game Trends coming in H.O.T

2023 snuck up on us like a train speeding by. We blew past the new year and here we are almost hitting mid month. Maybe your not as flushed us, but if you’re ready to push the panic button, welp we feel. That’s why we want to take your mind off whatever you’re dealing with to talk about shoes. Yup shoes. So trivial yet needed for survival if you ask us. Shoes are a better investment when it comes to clothes essentials. A good shoe can last forever and a decent arsenal (built over time) is a great way to refresh your closet if you’re feeling a little plain. The Club predicts 2023’s shoe love in the fashion world is going to be nonstop. Last year Tik Tok-ers were obsessed with many sneakers, boots, heels. High end brands like Balenciaga and Prada were seen everywhere with their own spin on the croc game to the pointed stiletto heel. The Club puts our spin on what we see trending this year.



Moon Boot: The new Ugg for this generation might just be the hyped Moon Boots. The Moon Boot had a slow seep on the mainstream circuit in the beginning of 2022 but it has really dominated in the last quarter of the year. You know its no-longer low-key when Kpop acts are sporting a pair. For their 2022 Winter SM Town: SMCU Palace, SM Entertainment artists were styled in this boot. True to their name they have an astronaut shoe shape and are mean’t for exploring the icy outdoor world. 


Pros: Unique shape for sure, warm insulation, lightweight but durable

Cons: Strategic outfit planning, bold shoes 


Kitten Heel Black Boots: Ever heard of Jane Child? She has an 80s one hit wonder with “I Don’t want to Fall In Love” and we’ve been forever latched to her boots in the video. It’s the perfect time to hit the thrift to find these 80s style shoe, because 2023 is the year of the Kitten Heel boot. Try something black and sleek and definitely with a long shaft and pointed toe. 


Pros: very nostalgic & Niche, Pairs well with long skirts/dresses, very modern if you get the right pair, Feet will last longer 

Cons: Gives witch vibes, not as sexy as a longer heel,



Adidas Samba & The Sort: Sporty shoes are H.O.T. and really we should have seen this coming for decades. This shoe reminds us very much of the early 2000s and 80s in the UK/London scenes and has had some iconic movie moments. While the Samba will still smack this year, it’s much harder to find Onitsukura Tiger “Mexico 66” is also a trainer staple. Much like the appeal of the Samba, Mexico 66 is a soccer shoe for sure and its sleek design and callback to Kill Bill it will continue to dominate in 2023. 

Pro: Ultra sleek design, sporty look, universal 

Cons: trendy, hard to find, flat, retro 


More Sports Trainers: Like the aforementioned Samba, trainers from the variety sort are going to continue trending in the 2023 shoe game. Brands like Reebok and Asics faired well in 2022 and this year they are among top dogs pushing that casual trainer/casual fashion trend. Mixing sporty and practical shoes with more classy casual, chic outfits has proven a long stay trend since before the athleisure hit of 2020. 


Designer Rainboots: This trend is definitely throwing us for a loop even as we did realize the fashion world was inching toward rainboot wear. We are not talking about the oversized yellow mid calf boots everyone sees when they think of the rainboot, rather 2023 is keeping everything tech, futuristic and innovative. If you would ask us what these boots would be considered rain boots we doubt it, but alas here we are. 

Pro: futuristic look 

Con: semi-grandpa ism vibes (not the cool kind) 


Mary Janes: Although we don’t have a particular interest in the comeback of the Mary Jane shoe, its relevance is hitting Tik Tok and instagram in a big way. Now seen as a must have for any wardrobe, the MJ is having its 2016 Penny Loafer moment in the fashion world. Pair your basic MJ’s with any of your ultra-preppy fits and your good to go. 

Pros: Big brands have modernized the design, cute girl chic aesthetic 

Cons: bulky, kind of one-style type shoes, not always the most comfortable and long-lasting, clunky 


Lace-up Combat boot: It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a good knee length combat boot hit the mainstream world, more than 10 years maybe? But we’ve got the inside scoop from the fashionista who say a good lace-up boot is making a comeback. 

Pro: throwback fashion of the 2010s 

Con: throwback fashion of the 2010s 


To round out a great list of shoes we have a twin combo classic. 


Nike Air Force 1 + Cortez: Classic Timeless shoe that never goes out of fashion, nuff said. Get yourself a pair, great for all occassions. 

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