2022 #Trend Alert Menswear

2022 #Trend Alert Menswear

When January hits it feels like everyone is bursting with ideas on how to freshen up their closets. If you’re a newbie in the fashion game or a veteran canvassing the 2022 fashion landscape, The Club has the lowdown on what’s hot in the new year. As you can expect, the panache that emerged during the latter half of 2020 is still hot. COVID has proven resilient but eager beavers have proven that a great outfit can make tragedy feel…Better. It’s no surprise that some of these trends we’ve seen on the runways and from influencers have this 90s, youthful exuberance that seem to be a hit will all generations. Read on for the trends we are excited to see in 2022. 


Varsity Jacket

Varsity jackets are low-key always on trend, but its been almost a decade since they were hot hot in the streetwear world. According to GQ magazine 90s wide cut varsity jackets are gonna be in for 2022. That oversized cut of a varsity jacket can already be spotted in the streets of South Korea where we see a lot of Asian streetwear fashion translate overseas last year. 



We recently got in a vintage Pendleton vest so we really are manifesting this 2022 trend. Minimalist colors like beige, brown and black are a great starting point if you’re worried where to start your vest journey, but otherwise go to town with this one. Make a statement. 




The average Joe might not be down with a velvet pair of bellbottom pants but the key to looking like someone from this era is keeping it simple. Vintage trends usually make their rounds in the mainstream fashion world but they always come back elevated and elegant. Use your better judgement when it comes to velvet. 


Kids Core

Fellas, it’s true, we’ve often glossed over you at The Club but nothing makes the heart grow fond, right? We were out of the loop on this Kids Core aesthetic when it made its appearance in 2021. Despite the misleading name, this trend can be easily stripped down for a minimal everyday look. Kids core is basically Rugrats in reality. Think bold colors, 80s and 90s patterns and charm bracelets and nostalgia everywhere. The trend really grew out of escaping the horrible reality that 2020 was presenting. If you want to get into this style then tune in on Tuesday’s edition of “The Club’s Choice” where we are curating this trend in 2022. 



Athleisurewear is the biggest trend out there since COVID, and it just makes sense. Sweats aren’t just for midnight snack runs or “bum wear.” You can class up a hoodie and joggers and if your a younger millennial, and Gen z-er than you’ve definitely done just that. Sneakers heads are in love with this trend and it isn’t going anywhere. Pair with your favorite puffer, tank, and if you’re feeling spicy switch up your sneaker with a combat boot. 


Casual Trousers 

2019 was definetly the year where tech gear and military style spilled over from South Korea to America. We thank BTS and the influx of South Korean Fashion in the U.S for this trend. Casual trousers is a hot tot in area, we well as loose fitting jeans, so it makes sense that these trousers are finding a audience around the world.

Accessories: Bracelets

Men wearing Bracelets is a major mood. But we aren’t talking about bringing back that old multi-colored beaded bracelet from your 7th grade crush. Every man should know that accessorizing can make or break a look. Find some bling for your wrists that compliments your closet. If Kids Core is your thing then that bracelet from 1999 might be it. If you’re more of a tailored man, something a little elevated might be your thing. But we are seeing bracelets everywhere in 2022. 


What trend are you rockin’ this season? Any trends you want to die in 2022? Let us know below and follow us on the gram @threadedsocialclub for sneak peaks of clothes and sales. 

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