2021 Winter/Spring Fashion Trends

2021 Winter/Spring Fashion Trends

Who knows if this winter madness we are feeling will last or if it is a 2020 byproduct, either way, Texas?! Damn. This weather is getting crazier and more erratic so is it wrong for us to think layers is the way to go in 2021. Colorado is known for its mostly sunny but never dull moment weather. We might get that once in 10 years July snow this year. This might be the year! Now snow is not a bad thing in The Club’s book. Jess is from Michigan and Teresa loves the snow. Although Colorado’s general mood might simmer if we don’t see at least 300 days of sun, I think the ski resorts will be happy. We are still in winter mode, spring doesn't start till April so we thought we would share some winter/spring items we feel are trending this season.


First and always, comfort wear. 2020 ended but the sales for loungewear and comfortable streetwear has continued to increase. It seems like everyone wants to make a sweatpants and pullover sweater company! We won’t deny the comforts of looking slick and feeling cushy in the car, so without further ado, the first trend is loungewear. Comfort and loungewear seem to be synonymous so it comes as no surprise that the runways were full of high end loungewear items seen at the likes of Burberry and Alexander Mcqueen. 


This is an oldie but a goodie. If shag and mullet hair is back then it was only a matter of time for this trend to pop back up.Patchwork is in, and especially in flair or skirt combos. 


We have been seeing these everywhere. Dolce and Gabbana featured fuzzy cardigans in a mute gray color combo. Dusty and pastel or light colors are where its at. Take a look at this dusty pink cardigan for inspo.  

Puffed Sleeves: 

Bigger, bolder and outlandish. Keep it going, think Mia Wasikowska in Stoker or Alice in Wonderland.

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