2021 Spring Trends Pt 1

2021 Spring Trends Pt 1

What we love about vintage fashion is the timeless and funky nature of outfits but there is something about January where many people just reset. It probably has something to do with the newly made resolutions and the start of something new. If you have kept up with our other blogs then you know we are all for both resolutions and keeping those 2020 goals going. This whole month is a fashionistas therapeutic reset so it makes sense for the fashion blogs and the industry to roll out the 2021 springs and summer trends. We have been seeing so many people on social media sharing their stories of getting ready, READY to stay at home or go to the grocery store. Teresa started doing that too. Her motto is “look good, feel good.” It's a mindset that really works. Swap the Champion hoodie for a white t and blazer and those sweatpants for some comfy jeans. It makes you motivated to get stuff done. If you're considered an essential worker and out there trying to avoid the Rona then 1) hats off to you 2) you probably already have your coping mechanisms working, fashion being one of them. But no doubt the fashion industry has tried to adapt to the current economic crisis. Let's get into some of the trends buzzing at the moment. 

90s aliens are back: Metallics 

Ok aliens probably never left but iconic silver metallic fashion pieces are making a comeback, think Maria Deluca in the original Roswell. She had some mad wild metallic silver lipstick choices. The runways were filled with models sporting 

Oversized Jeans: Flares with Flair 

Although Teresa is a shorty and on the chubby side she cannot help but fall into this trend. There is something so freeing about wearing flared jeans or loose fitting mom jeans. We have a nice selection of these as well, browse here

Statement one-pieces: The Trench Coat

When COVID becomes a thing of the past we are going to be seeing bold fashion on the streets again but whether it be lack of motivation or something, everyone wants their one stop shop piece. The trench coat made a huge comeback on the runways. The cuts, colors and overall aura of the trench coat has changed ridiculously. Most people think that trench coats are elitist, but the underground fashion scene has given them a resurgence. 

Oversized Button Up: 

Julia Roberts outfits and hair in the 80s and 90s are reminiscent of this trend. Billowy button ups have always been a thing but it seems like the fashion industry is taking a lot of ques from what is going on in the underground asian fashion circuit. Even major Korean fashion trends such as the oversized tops seem to make their way on the western circuit.

Stay tuned for an updated blog of the incoming trends in 2021. Follow us on social media and feel free to leave us a comment

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