2021 Designers You Should Know

2021 Designers You Should Know

Let's take a moment to congratulate ourselves for making it to the middle of 2021. Everyone’s story is riddled with tragedy no matter if it's from the Rona or just life so remember we are all winners at the end of the day. 2020 was revolutionary in so many ways. A huge takeaway that we appreciate is the transparency that many brands are sticking to with consumers. The fashion industry is wasteful, exploitative and capitalist AF. If 2020 did any good it was the collective awakening many people had. It's hard to care or even see all the ugly happening in the world when you're working hard at your 9 to 5 or just trying to survive. Not to say that is the only reason many people neglect societal issues. For many of you, you chose to remain blissfully passive because you're not really affected by these issues. Yeah, we see you too. But for some of these brands they have committed, were already committed or are using their platform to make a difference. That is why we’ve curated a list of brands that are making moves in the fashion scene, not only for their wardrobes but for their commitment to sustainability and activism as well. It's hard to stick to a staple fashion routine or find your style when there are so many trends and changes happening in the fashion industry. If you're a social media freak then you most likely know that viral fashion trends come and go faster than the lines at In and Out. In our humble opinion, just shop vintage, those trends die but retro lives forever. We’re a bit hypocritical if we said we didn’t buy new clothes, so if we can’t do it all the time then we know you probably can’t either.

Brother Vielles 

  1. We Love to see a brand whose main focus is on sustainability and empowering women. Although this brand has been kickin’ it since 2013 they gained traction last year. This African, women-led business is packing heat this year as the industry is picking up pace. Aurora Jones Spearheads this brand and has steadily built her name in 2020 through various collaborations and a cute release of cloud socks. Recently she has been curating a monthly subscription box of goodies. 
  1. Paris Georgia 
    1. This brand is known for its 90s inspired collection and has been worn by Kendall Jenner. What we love about Paris Georgia is their ethical practices. They house a dedicated team of independent sewers and local factories that accounts for 95% of their clothes. Sustainability, yes! 
  2. Kenneth Ize is a fresh face in the designing world as he just formally debuted in 2020. He started his career in 2013 and cultivated a following creating garbs using traditional Nigerian fabrics. He told BAZAAR that his works speak to freedom, justice and intelligence. 
Chopova Lowrena is another brand that is sustainable focused while being unique in what they offer. The brand’s aesthetic is driven from the duo, Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena’s roots’, Bulgarian, American and everything in between. They focus and prioritise sustainability in making their products. CL uses recycled materials, and deadstock textiles from pillowcases and Aprons mainly. They also employ a small niche community of seamstresses that are locally sourced in the community. In their bio they state It is “THE OBJECTIVE OF THEIR DESIGN AND PRODUCTION OF DISTINCTIVE GARMENTS IS TO USHER IN A SYSTEM OF ETHICAL CONSUMPTION WITH A FOCUS ON APPRECIATING SKILL, CRAFT, TIME AND CONSIDERATION FOR IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT.”
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